Karl Kotas - Visual Artist
Visual Artist / Multimedia Professional


Karl Kotas visual artist


Karl Kotas is an artist whose work spans both commercial and fine art. He began art-directing punk magazines, music videos, album & CD covers for rock bands in his youth. He moved into computer illustration in the digital era, designing animated games and cartoons for global brands and major advertising agencies.     
His artwork combines the iconography of cartoons, pop-art, underground surrealism, and figurative expressionism. He works big and bold, drawing on influences from tribal art, pop culture, Japanese anime, American kitsch, punk rock, and electronic music. My paintings are psychedelic punk mandalas that send the gaze on never-ending journeys. His freeform approach full of deeply-rooted cultural references results in a unique experience that unites the high and low, global and local, past and present, kitsch and fine art.

“Karl is an excellent artist and one of the few who succeeds with both fine art and commercial art. He is a pleasure to both work with and hang out with.”
—Jaime Russell Levy
Groundbreaking User Experience Strategist and Former CEO of Electronic Hollywood

“Karl is intensely creative and puts his wit into his work. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him."
—Brad Szollose
Award winning author of "Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia,"
Generational Expert, Keynote Speaker

“Great. I LOVE IT! Unfuckingbelievable. The artwork really is amazing”
—Praga Khan
Founder of Lords of Acid
referring to the cover art for "Deep Chills

“Karl is one of the coolest app and interactive designers in Silicon Alley. A real graphics vet and pro who keeps up with all the latest tech.”
—James Bruni
Owner, Bruni PR

"Working with Karl was one of the most hassle-free parts of my job. His professionalism allowed us to introduce a new online game each month. He is extremely easy to work with, dedicated and timely. I would definitely recommend him."
—Jerry Craft
Syndicated cartoonist and author
Former director of Sports Illustrated for Kids




Exhibitions :

2018 Underground Buffalo Rock Posters- group show of vintage punk posters in Buffalo, NY. GCR Audio, Buffalo, NY
2018 Greenpoint Gallery Night- group show What Time Is It?, curated by Subtexture, Brooklyn Safehouse, Brooklyn, NYC
2016 ConArtist Gallery- group show New York Shitty, NYC
2015 Admit To Bitter- group show, South Street Seaport, NYC
2014 Theater for the New City—group show, The Many Identities of the Struggling Cartoonist, NYC
2013 NYC Film-Makers Cooperative—group show & art auction,  NYC
2013 Chelsea Pier 67—live painting mural, Pier Pressure, NYC
2013 Fountain Art Fair—G-Spot, Surrealistic Slot Cars - Armory, NYC
2012 Fountain Art Fair—The G Spot, group show - Armory, NYC
2010 The G Spot—Curated by SubTexture- Brooklyn, NY
2010 X InitiativeBYOA, Chelsea, NYC
2009 Niagara University—live painting, Music Is Art, Niagara Falls, NY
2008 Sketchel Gallery—curated by Jeremeyville, Sydney, Australia
2008 Gawker Artist—online gallery curated by Liz Dimmitt, NYC
2008 HPGRP Gallery—group show, Meatpacking District, NYC
2007 HPGRP Gallery—group show, Meatpacking District, NYC
2007 Art Basel Miami—Pool Art Fair, Cavalier Hotel, South Beach, FL
2007 Music Is Art Festival—live art installation- Buffalo, NY
2006 Hybrid Space—group show - Manhattan, NYC
2006 Music Is Art Festival—curated by Robbie Takac- Buffalo, NY
2001 Austin Modern GalleryNew York’s Most Wanted, Austin, TX
2000 Electronic Hollywood—one-man studio show, NYC
1999 Wired Magazine RGB Gallery—group show - Impulse Freak
1998 Techno Art Riot!—one-man show - Blackhammer, NYC
1997 Ozone Art Gallery—group show, All Nude!,  Soho, NYC
1996 Dunce Gallery—one-man show, Chelsea, NYC
1996 Gallery Recording Studio—group show, NYC
1996 Empire Cafe & Lounge—one-man show, Tucson, Arizona
1996 Lincoln Center Alice Tulley Hall— group show, NuBreed, NYC
1994 Dunlop Art GalleryComix Power- Regina, Canada
1994 Vancouver Art GalleryComix Power - Vancouver, Canada
1994 Massachusetts College of ArtComix Power - Boston, MA
1993 Exit Art/The First WorldComix Power- NYC