Karl Kotas is NYC based artist whose work spans both commercial and fine art. He began art-directing punk magazines, music videos, and album covers in his youth. He then moved into designing and producing content for global brands, top ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies.


“Karl is an excellent artist and one of the few who succeeds with both fine art and commercial art. He is a pleasure to both work with and hang out with.”
—Jaime Russell Levy
Groundbreaking User Experience Strategist and Former CEO of Electronic Hollywood


“Karl is intensely creative and puts his wit into his work. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him."
—Brad Szollose
Award winning author of "Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia,"
Generational Expert, Keynote Speaker


“Great. I LOVE IT! Unfuckingbelievable. The artwork really is amazing”
—Praga Khan
Founder of Lords of Acid
referring to the cover art for "Deep Chills


“Karl is one of the coolest app and interactive designers in Silicon Alley. A real graphics vet and pro who keeps up with all the latest tech.”
—James Bruni
Owner, Bruni PR


"Working with Karl was one of the most hassle-free parts of my job. His professionalism allowed us to introduce a new online game each month. He is extremely easy to work with, dedicated and timely. I would definitely recommend him."
—Jerry Craft
Syndicated cartoonist and author
Former director of Sports Illustrated for Kids